The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation is an independent think tank that tackles the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system. They influence policy to help support healthy and sustainable diets for everyone to tackle the UK’s profound dietary inequalities.

They join the dots on the food system and look for coherent responses which are sustainable for us and our planet. They also focus on people and consumers, prioritising those more susceptible to food poverty.

We have contributed to their work with young people to put together the #Right2Food Charter, making recommendations to government, the Mayor of London and local authorities on how to deal with food insecurity. Our funding allowed young people to be directly involved in the inquiry and in January 2020, they presented the charter at the very first London Children’s Food Insecurity Summit, held at City Hall, calling for city-wide systemic change to end food insecurity once and for all.

Right2Food Charter

To find out more about The Food Foundation’s work, visit their website.

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