Using Our Logo

Where you can use our logo

You can use the Trust logo to acknowledge our funding on your website, publications and materials.

Size and alignment

The logo can be enlarged, but should not be used smaller than the minimum reproduction size (specified in our logo guidance document. The preferred size for the logo on most A4 documents is 4.52cm wide x 1.96cm high (the logo will import at the preferred size in most applicatiions).
The Trust for London logo should be placed in the top right hand corner with 13mm margins between the top and right hand side of the page and the logo. It should not be distorted or rearranged in any way.

Tip: to resize items and retain correct proportions in most layout applications import the item into a picture or bounding box and drag a corner handle of the box holding

How to use our logo

When you are producing promotional materials which include our logo, please refer to our logo guidance document. The Trust for London Logo uses Pantone 307 as it’s main colour with black text. The full colour version of the logo should be used wherever possible. Alternative versions in black and reversed (white) are available below.

All versions of the logo shown are available in Microsoft Version and EPS_Version_for_Professional_Print.eps  

Please read the logo guidance document for reference.  They are also available in a wide variety of formats from the publications team at Trust for London. If you require further guidance please contact us.