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Pathways to settlement

London is an international city attracting people from across the globe. This is not new and the capital has a long history of migration, contributing to its rich and diverse history, as well as its wealth. Many new Londoners do not need any support but there are some who are disadvantaged and living in poverty, particularly migrants who do not have any legal status and are therefore highly vulnerable to exploitation. We believe it is important to support these Londoners who are at the margins of society to resolve their immigration status, so they can fully participate in London life.

What we will fund

Specialist immigration legal advice

in areas of law that fall outside of legal aid. Organisations will be expected to be registered with the Office of Immigration Services Commission (OISC) or Solicitors Regulatory Authority and be providing advice at OISC Level 3 or equivalent. We are also keen to fund partnerships between frontline organisations (supporting refugees and migrants with insecure status) and specialist legal advice providers.

Advocacy work

(including campaigning, organising, policy work and research) on issues such as:

  • Promoting an immigration system that treats people with dignity and respect; that is fair to both migrants and established residents; and has public confidence and consent.
  • Improving understanding of public attitudes on migration including the accuracy and depth of conversations about migration, integration and identity.
  • Creating more effective pathways to settlement, including citizenship.
  • Challenging exploitation and discrimination of migrants due to their insecure immigration status.

How to apply

Please read the funding guidelines in full before filling in our funding application form. If, after reading the guidelines, you are in doubt as to whether your work fits then please telephone us so that we can discuss and answer any specific queries you may have, on 020 7606 6145.

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Next grant deadline:

1 Jun 2021, 1 p.m.

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