FAQs (manage your grant)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions around managing your Trust for London grant.

I’ve forgotten my password for the online application form; how do I retrieve it?

If you’ve forgotten your password go to this page and click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link. You’ll be asked for your e-mail address and a temporary password will be sent to your e-mail address.

Our grant was a final grant. What does this mean and when can I reapply?

In general, a final grant means that you will need to wait two years from the date of the final instalment of your last grant before you can reapply.

We have had funding from you before. Can we reapply?

We support long-term strategies for dealing with poverty and inequality. Therefore organisations that have already received funding from us may apply again for work which is particularly effective and continues to meet our criteria and priorities.

Our funding priorities do change, so you should not assume that work we have supported in the past will fit – please check the latest guidelines before applying. Please don’t assume that we will award further funding, we recommend you apply to other funders. If you wish to apply again for the same or different work, you should apply at least eight months before your current funding expires and make sure its fits with our current funding priorities. Generally we do not provide more than one grant at a time.

If you were awarded a ‘final grant’, this means you cannot re-apply until two years after the last payment of your previous grant.

Can we use your logo? Where can I find it?

You can find the logo along with guidance here

I have sent in my instalment claim, but it hasn’t been paid yet. What do I do?

It usually takes us two to three weeks to arrange payment so please bear with us. Sometimes you may have sent in your instalment claim early and it cannot be paid until the next quarter is due. If you have not been paid after three weeks please contact us and we will sort out your payment, or explain why it has been delayed.

Please also check that your interim evaluation report is not due – this will be stated clearly on your last instalment letter. Your interim evaluation report has to be submitted mid-way through your grant, and we hold the subsequent payment until this has been submitted. If this is problematic, please ring us to discuss your situation.

How do I claim my grant?

When we award you a grant we send you a pack which includes your grant conditions, a copy of which you need to sign and return to us. The pack also contains a quarterly instalment claim. You need to send this to us when you are ready to claim your grant. However, do not send this to us until you have met your grant conditions.

For example, if our funding is for a new post, you need to recruit the individual and send us details of who this is before we can release your first instalment.

Or if you need to secure match funding, this needs to be in place before we can release your first instalment.

When all the conditions have been met please send in your signed instalment claim. We pay quarterly in advance.

How do I send you my evaluation plan / evaluation report / annual accounts?

Please use our online grants portal to send us documents.  You can login here.

To upload a document please go to the grant, and follow these three steps. 

  1. Upload to add the file;
  2. Click to save it;
  3. Click the submit button to send it to us.

You will then be emailed an automatic confirmation.

If you don’t have these options, make sure it’s the project lead that is signed in. 

If you have tried this and are having trouble, please contact us for support.