London households in temporary accommodation

Proportion of households in temporary accomodation in London boroughs (2020 (Q2))

Every borough in London has a higher proportion of households living in temporary accommodation than the average in the rest of England. 

Newham has the highest rate of households in temporary accommodation (48.39 per 1,000 households). Other boroughs with high rates include Kensington and Chelsea (29.98 per 1,000 households) and Hackney (27.46 per 1,000 households). In contrast, Merton (2.12 per 1,000 households) and City of London (2.95 per 1,000 households) have some of the lowest rates.

Sometimes, local authorities will provide temporary accommodation outside of their area. This is particularly common in London, where local authorities face the twin challenges of greater demand for homelessness services and more expensive accomodation in which to house people. Bromley accommodates 74% of its households in temporary accommodation outside of the borough, one of the highest proportion for any local authority in London. 

All figures provided here refer to “households”. This refers to groups of people who live together (such as families, couples and other multi-adult households) and single adults. The dates span over 4 quarters between Q3 2019 and Q2 2020. Redbridge and Bexley’s data has not been reported due to missing values in the data source.