Repossession by London boroughs

Total repossessions by county court bailiffs in London boroughs (2019/2020)

The rate of court-order home repossessions varies significantly between London boroughs. 

The boroughs with the highest rates of repossessions are:

  • Newham (3.23 per 1,000 households - almost twice the London average of 1.71 per 1,000 households.);
  • Barking and Dagenham (2.81 per 1,000 households); and 
  • Ealing (2.66 per 1,000 households).

Whilst the boroughs with the lowest rates of repossessions are:

  • Richmond upon Thames (0.47 per 1,000 households - just over a third of the London average);
  • Camden (0.60 per 1,000 households); and
  • City of London (0.70 per 1,000 households).

All but four London boroughs have repossession rates higher than the average in the rest of England, excluding London.

The most up to date data for 2020 reflects Q1 of the respective year, since evictions have been paused due to the pandemic.