Poverty and type of housing

Number of people in London in poverty by housing tenure (2004/05 - 2017/18)

Those living in the private-rented sector have both the highest rate and level of poverty in London. Over 900,000 private renters are in poverty in London, compared to 560,000 owner occupiers and 890,000 social renters (those who rent from local authorities or Housing Associations).

The poverty rate for those in the private-rented sector is 39%, compared to 24% for owner occupiers and 37% for social renters. 

The current situation reflects a major shift in the nature of poverty in London. In the last decade, the number of Londoners in poverty living in the private-rented sector has increased by 90%. Poverty rates for this group have also increased from 24% in 2007/08 to 39% in 2017/18.